We’ve heard about employee morale and how it can significantly affect an employee’s performance. With the current challenges in the market, companies and industries are finding it difficult to boost employee morale. Despite this fact, we at Link Network Solutions, Inc. found ourselves feeling high with support from the management.

When we reached the sales goal for a particular month, ALL employees will get a 50 kilo rice. Why everyone? Most companies will give this type of commission to the sales agent. We believe that a particular transaction of selling will not be successful without a team of people collaborating in making it a successful one. This means that after the successful purchase order of a client, the sales agent will forward this to the purchasing department and will take care of ensuring that the items are delivered to the client.

This would mean utilization of different individuals such as the technicians that will install the product, the delivery men that will deliver the items, the administrative clerk that processed the papers or documents for the transaction. You get the picture. The entire transaction would not be successful without cooperation and collaboration in between these people.

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We are proud to show to anyone who would take an interest to view that we have reached our sales goal – we have successfully collaborated and cooperated with each other towards the success of our common goal.